Polish language levels


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR (in Polish ESOKJ) provides three levels of language proficiency:

Basic (A1-A2). A person can talk about itself, understand and use the most frequently used expressions.

Independent (B1-B2). A person can communicate with a native speaker without difficulty. Understands complex texts on any topic at least at the level of the main idea.

Proficient (C1-C2). A person fluently expresses it’s thoughts in oral speech, can write a text on a complex topic based on several sources.

Language proficiency assessment criteria

➔ A0. Communication situations

The level has not been included into the CEFR system yet, but sometimes courses are marked by courses to indicate the very initial stage of language learning. The program of such courses includes simple communication situations from everyday life. At this level of training, a person only gets acquainted with the rules of pronunciation and the simplest sentence structures. The average vocabulary is 300-500 words.

A1. Beginner

If you speak a language at this level, you can have a simple conversation, provided that the other person speaks clearly and slowly. Understands and can use expressions related to everyday life. Able to ask and answer simple questions. A person can briefly tell about itself and present itself to the others. To achieve this level, 80-120 training hours are required.

A2. Elementary

A person is able to maintain a simple conversation on topics related to important needs and everyday life (for example, family, work, hobbies, environment). It takes 180-200 training hours to complete the level.

B1. Intermediate

Having mastered this level, a person can express itself in most situations that may arise when traveling in Poland. Understands the main meaning of books, texts, and messages on various topics related to school, work or everyday life. It can describe it’s impressions, events, dreams, plans and hopes in simple meaningful sentences (both orally and in writing). It will take 350-400 hours of study to reach this level.

B2. Upper-intermediate

A person who has achieved the B2 level understands the main motives of complex texts on various subjects, including technical topics (if this is related to the specialization). Easily and fluently communicates with native speakers. Can convey their opinion during the discussion, clearly and in detail conveys the idea (both orally and in writing). It will take 500-600 training hours to reach the level.

C1. Advanced

A person understands difficult texts, including the ability to recognize hidden meanings. It speaks fluently, can easily find the appropriate expression for the situation. A person is fluent in English in both the educational and professional fields. Clearly articulates thoughts (written and oral) about complex problems. Reaching the level will take 700-800 training hours.

C2. Proficient

A person can easily understand the spoken and written language of the language being studied. Can process and analyze information from various sources, clearly state the main theses. It expresses it’s thoughts fluently and spontaneously, understands the nuances of even complex utterances, and recognizes the hidden meaning. To complete the level, you will need 1000-1200 training hours.

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