Тест на исключения и особенности польских существительных

Tests for exceptions and peculiarities of Polish nouns


Instructions for completing the test

  • Enter the correct option
    You can click on each of the cells with the mouse (or your finger on a smartphone) and enter a word.

How to check answers

To check the answers yourself, you need to find and press the blue “Sprawdź” button directly under each task. If the task is completed in full, you will see the number of correct answers. In some tasks, an additional “Show answer” button will appear (on a smartphone, this is an “eye” icon). To clear all answers and do the task again, press the “Powtórz” button.

Tests for exceptions and peculiarities of Polish nouns

Exercise 1. Fill in the blanks with the correct nouns.

Exercise 2. Write the correct forms of these nouns in the sentences:

szlachta | liceum | młodzież

Exercise 3. Change the word “gimnazjum” by cases.

Exercise 4. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the nouns oko, ucho in the plural.

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