Christmas test in Polish language

Christmas test in Polish language


Love Christmas? I offer you refresh your knowledge of Polish Christmas traditions and practice your thematic vocabulary by solving the following tests.

Give the tests a couple of seconds to load 🙂

1. Choose the correct answer.

2. Drag the words to the correct cells.

3. Find all the words in the puzzle.

4. Put the nouns from the frame into the missing places, using them in the appropriate case.

choinka (4 razy) | cisza | gwiazdka | kompot | radość | wieczerza | barszczyk | wieczór | kolęda | opłatek (3 razy) | szkoła | karp | stół | zupa

Przy wigilijnym stole

B. Bartnicka, G. Dąbkowski, W. Jekiel.
Uczymy się polskiego

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