Play and learn Polish with a cartoon about Peppa Pig


Today you have a very interesting task – to watch a cartoon in Polish! And after watching it, check yourself to see how well you understood what it is talking about. Let’s try. Let’s play and learn Polish with the Peppa Pig cartoon!

Start by watching the cartoon. Listen carefully to what Peppa and her family are talking about in Polish. And the text at the bottom of the screen (that is, subtitles) can help you with this.

Was much clear? Let’s check! Answer the questions (only one answer is correct):

How many correct answers were there?? 😍

Now let’s try another game! Drag the correct word to the picture.

Tell me, did you remember all the heroes? Can you show who is who?

Great job, well done!

If you want to play more, check these games:

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