Cases of Polish nouns, test #2

Cases of Polish nouns, test #2


Test is based on Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tale “The Butterfly” / Hans Christian Andersen “Motylek”.

How to do the test

Enter the correct option in an empty cell. In each of the cells, you can click with the mouse (or with your finger on your smartphone) and fill them with the correct forms of cases of Polish nouns. The basic form of the noun is indicated in parentheses. If after the comma is specified ., this means that the word in the text is used in the plural.

How to check

To check the Polish language online tests and exercises, you should find and click on the blue “Sprawdź” button right under each of them. If the exercise is done completely, you will see the number of correct answers. In some exercises, an additional “Pokaż odpowiedź” button will appear (this is the “eye” icon on your smartphone), you can check all answers with it. To clear all cells and do the test again, click the “Powtórz” button.

Exercise may not start right away, just give them a few seconds.

Cases of Polish nouns, test #2

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the nouns given in brackets:

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